Submissions Details

We prefer the basic query format: an email with an introduction, short book description, your bio, and your contact information.


Before You Submit Anything


Make sure you’ve got all the material we might request:


  • a finished and revised completed manuscript.

  • details about your previous publishing history

  • a full synopsis (not a query)



Your Query

We don’t need a full plot synopsis, just a quick elevator pitch. Give us the overall sense of the book and the broader themes it touches upon, not everything that happens. But don’t leave us hanging. We want to know how it ends. This isn’t advertising copy.


Your Author Bio

At the end of your query, include a short bio describing who you are and why you wrote this book. Be careful not to overshare; instead, simply expound on your background. Be charming and impressive. Focus on your publication history, your educational pedigree, or any unusual, pertinent life experiences.


Your Contact Information

Complete contact information is important. Please include your address, e-mail, and phone number. You don’t need to include any social media links.

If you've reviewed our submissions policy, you're ready to submit your query!

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